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While we’ll be taking a break from 16:5 for 2016, we won’t be taking a break from sharing resources. Be sure to follow us on social media.


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Webster Campus Launch The Journey Series Promo Killing Jesus Series Promo Killing Jesus Blooper Innocence Lost God with Us – A Family’s Hope While Facing Loss Northridge Serves Revelation Song


Weird Friendships What Happens to Babies Who Die? Killing Jesus: The Divine Conspiracy Killing Jesus: Let this Cup Pass The Church Just Wants My Money How We Grow

Hotels & Directions

Hotel Contact number Rate Distance
Comfort Inn West (585) 621-5700 $74 3.7 miles
Hampton Inn Greece (585) 663-6070 $109 4.0 miles
Hampton Inn Irondequoit (585) 339-3500 $99 1.9 miles
Holiday Inn Express Greece (585) 663-8400 $95 3.8 miles
Holiday Inn Express Irondequoit (585) 342-0430 $112 2.3 miles
Radisson Riverside (585) 546-6400 $109 3.5 miles
Rochester Plaza Hotel (585) 546-3450 $79 3.1 miles

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Driving East on Interstate 90

  1. Take exit 47.
  2. Merge onto I-490 E toward NY-19/Leroy/Rochester (19.3 miles *partial toll road).
  3. Take exit 9A on the left to merge onto NY-390 N toward Greece (3.6 mi).
  4. Take exit 24A for NY-104 E/Ridge Rd W (3.1 mi).
  5. Take exit 200 to merge onto Saint Paul St.
  6. Destination will be on the right (0.3 mi).

Driving West on Interstate 90

  1. Take exit 45 to merge onto I-490 W toward Rochester (11.1 mi *partial toll road).
  2. Take exit 21 for NY-590 N (0.1 mi).
  3. Keep right at the fork, follow sings for I-590 S and merge onto NY-590 N (3.8 mi).
  4. Take exit 10A to merge onto NY-104 W (3.0 mi).
  5. Take the exit toward Seneca Ave/Clinton Ave (0.1 mi).
  6. Merge onto New York 104 Srv Rd W (0.5 mi).
  7. Turn right at N Clinton Ave (0.2 mi).
  8. Turn left at Ridge Rd E (0.3 mi).
  9. Turn right at Saint Paul St.
  10. Destination will be on the right.

Driving North on Interstate 390

  1. Take exit 24A for NY-104 E/Ridge Rd (0.2 mi).
  2. Merge onto NY-104 E/Ridge Rd W (3.1 mi).
  3. Take exit 200 to merge onto Saint Paul St.
  4. Destination will be on the right


  • Why should I attend the 16:5 conference?

    • Learn from the successes of others can help you avoid mistakes and learning from the mistakes of others is better than having to only learn from your own mistakes.
    • Connect with other church leaders and key organizations that will help resource you to become a more effective leader.
    • Provides an opportunity to get many key leaders from your church on the same page regarding ministry philosophy and programming.
    • Challenges ministry assumptions to help you optimize and intentionally design the rhythm of your church to complete the vision toward which you are leading.
    • Utilize breakouts for training key leaders and volunteers with relatively low cost and time commitment compared with other conferences.
    • We don’t expect you to do everything we do, the way we do! We want to be a resource because of our experience growing through similar situations to which many attendees find themselves and their church.
  • Who should attend?

    • 16:5 is geared towards pastors, staff, and key volunteers of churches who have a passion to be truly relevant in our culture and fulfill the Great Commission without any compromise of the truth.
  • Can I take 16:5 for college and/or seminary credit?

    • Yes! 16:5 has created coursework to coincide with conference attendance as a way to earn credit. Check “Yes” when registering to receive more information on earning credit and/or email

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  • Who should attend?

    • 16:5 is geared towards pastors, staff, and key volunteers of churches who have a passion to be truly relevant in our culture and fulfill the Great Commission without any compromise of the truth.
  • How much does it cost?

  • Should I really come again?

    • This year at 16:5 we’re featuring the best of our breakouts at our Pre-Conference which will take place Monday morning before the first general session, so whether you need a refesh or have someone you think needs to hear an essential 16:5 breakout this will be a perfect opportunity. Also, this year we will be having several from the staff of Parker Hill Community Church (Scranton, PA) provide their ideas on how to be a 16:5 church. So if you’ve attended before you’ll pick up some familiar perspectives with new twists. All of the general sessions will be new material as well as the majority of breakouts. We will also have a prolonged time for Q and A within your sphere of ministry Tuesday afternoon.
  • How many people should I bring?

    • As many from your church as possible! Going to a conference as a team (pastors, staff & key volunteers) is a great way to advance the mission of your church. By bringing as many people from your church as possible you will be able to better discuss a vision for the future of your church that they can grab onto and support. There is also a special offer for those with groups: for every three paid registrations, one free registration will be given. For groups larger than 10 call for special arrangements.
  • Where is the conference taking place?

    • The 16:5 Conference will meet on location at Northridge Church, 2052 St. Paul St., Rochester, NY 14621
  • Where can I eat?

    • A list of restaurants will be provided at the conference for lunch and dinner Monday. We will provide snacks throughout the conference as well as continental breakfast items Tuesday morning. We will also take care of you for lunch onsite Tuesday.
  • Will there be childcare?

    • While families are extremely important us, we are unable to accommodate children at this conference, and children will not be allowed in either general or breakout sessions. Please make alternate arrangements for childcare needs. If it is necessary to bring a nursing infant with you, we will provide a nursing room with a live feed of the general sessions only, but you will have to provide offsite childcare during non-feeding times. Thank you for your help in allowing the content and experience of 16:5 to be as engaging as possible.
  • Where can I stay?

    • A listing of hotels close to the church is provided above. Please call early to ensure 16:5 rates.


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