Discipleship & Culture

Breakout Sessions:

Woke Church

As we seek to make more and better disciples, we recognized a racial and cultural gap between who we are and who we want to reach in our community. In this breakout, you'll discover how we identified our problem and the steps that we've taken to correct our course. You'll also find out what we've learned in the process and what we hope to accomplish next.

Getting Better at “Better”

The mission of Northridge Church is to glorify God by making more and better disciples. We love to see more people cross the line of faith, but the journey doesn't end there. They need to grow in their knowledge and obedience to Jesus..but how does this happen? Come see what our spiritual development process is that strives after the “Better” goal of our mission.

Antonio is new to the Northridge family. He serves as the Director of Spiritual Development here at Northridge.He is originally from Northern Virginia. He has been married to his wife, Liberti, for just under a year. He likes to play drums, listen to music, play basketball, and watch movies with Liberti.