Breakout 1

Small Budget - Excellent production - Nate Bantle

Bringing excellence to your Sunday AM experience seems impossible with your current budget. However you might just be focusing on all the wrong things. Let's talk about increasing the excellence of your production while staying inside your limited budget.

CREATING HEALTHY GROUPS - Jason degraaff & Brad files

How do you create healthy groups in your church? In this breakout, we will explain why we believe groups are essential to make disciples, how we connect people to groups, find more leaders, multiply groups, and make sure groups are producing growing disciples.

Beyond Church Walls - Josh horn & Michelle gerringer

We all long to see our churches making an impact in our communities and to the ends of the earth. But the work of investing outside the walls of the church is messy and costly. In this breakout, we’ll explore our biblical mandate and some practical steps to walk towards this mess to share the Gospel with a broken world.

Coaching Life-Changing Groups - mark nelson & nate miller

How can you leverage your experiencing to help group leaders create life-changing environments? Join us as we’ll discuss a few of the best tips to equip leaders to shepherd their groups.

Getting Better at “Better” - Nate logan & Antonio Robinson

The mission of Northridge Church is to glorify God by making more and better disciples. We love to see more people cross the line of faith, but the journey doesn't end there. They need to grow in their knowledge and obedience to Jesus..but how does this happen? Come see what our spiritual development process is that strives after the “Better” goal of our mission.

Leveraging SOCIAL MEDIA - jess spruill & Sierra Laskowski

Learn how to leverage the mission of your church and the content of your Sunday sermons into the everyday lives of your people by utilizing social platforms for discipleship beyond the one hour there with you each week.

MEASURING SUCCESS - shawn lovejoy

What is success? Will you know it when you see it? Can you lead yourself to the next level? Will you know it when you get there? Success is elusive. Success can also be dangerous. What does it look like to be successful in ministry in the long run? How do we stay sane, centered, and married in the process? In this workshop, we'll discover how to do just that. 

Dollars & Sense - scott bixby

How has our church income exceeded our budget annually for years here at Northridge Church?  Creating Surpluses...Crafting Budgets...Projecting Income...Ministry Area Budgets...Staff Salaries...Raising Funds...Capital Campaigns...What have we found helpful in these areas?   

Breakout 2


Every worship leader wants more engagement and participation from their congregation during worship, but how do we get it? Let's talk about how to build a thriving culture of worship at your church.

Millennials and the Church - jess spruill & matt snyder

Millennials are not a problem to be fixed, but rather a future to be obtained. In this breakout, we will be discussing why this generation is important in the church and how to provide a place for them.

Providing Care Beyond Groups - andy woodall & nancy simmonds

Our Community Groups are on the front lines of providing care for our people. What happens when a group leader or member's need for care surpasses the group's ability?  When significant personal trial, tragedy, mental health or addiction struggle and or crisis occurs and a person or family needs additional help, what else can the church do?  Join us as we explore the church's role in providing care in these kinds of situations.

Messages that Last - Drew Karschner

Want your sermon to go beyond Sunday?  Wish your messages had more impact? Every communicator dreams of that, but can it happen?   I believe it can and should, but it starts in the most unlikely place. The process! It happens less on Sunday and more in the preparation work that gets you to Sunday.

Millstones and Milestones - courtney dyer & Kristin shughart

The greatest opportunity of this generation is the next generation. Learn why Northridge prioritizes kids ministry and how we maximize each Sunday morning as well as lifetime milestones to leverage parents to fulfill the Great Commission in their home by consistently pointing their children to Jesus.

First and Lasting - Erin wagner & Jenny Miller

We want to create a church culture that sees everything through the lens of a first time guest, and that continues to engage and retain them going forward.  We will address some practical and purposeful ways to intentionally create a hospitable experience for guests in the first impression, the last impression, and every interaction in between.

Shepherds, not Chaperones - Graham Spruill

Every youth worker longs to see exponential growth in their ministry, both physically and spiritually. But how does that practically play out? How do you create a healthy and growing youth ministry that cares not only about width, but also cares about depth as well? In this breakout, we will focus on the key to pursuing a healthy and growing youth ministry.

Family Flight Plan - Jeffrey Reed

Having a hard time engaging the whole family in your church? Do you rock the kids ministry, student ministry & adult stuff but lack a strategy to pull them together? Do you really understand what is required to "partner with families?" Come and learn about how to implement a strategy from birth to heaven as well as the importance of developing a family culture to support it. You'll also get free stuff.

Breakout 3

Space Matters and the Matters of Space - Nate logan

Every environment communicates something. We’ll first take a look at the philosophy behind what your space is communicating, and then practically, how we can create appealing spaces, no matter what your style, that engage guests and portray a vibe that keeps people coming back.

Woke Church - Antonio Robinson

As we seek to make more and better disciples we recognized a racial and cultural gap between who we are and who we want to reach in our community. In this breakout, you'll discover how we identified our problem and the steps that we've taken to correct our course. You'll also find out what we've learned in the process and what we hope to accomplish next.


We all long to see people take their next step in their spiritual journey. Developing an effective connections strategy is necessary for retaining guests and helping people engage more deeply. In this breakout, we'll explore strategies, ideas, and models for turning first-timers into regular attendees into core leaders.

Multi-site FAQ - nate miller & aaron hixson

In this breakout, we will address some of the most relevant questions church leaders are asking about multi-site and portability. Whether you are currently a multi-site church, considering launching a campus, grinding through portability or just have reservations about this movement in general, this breakout will provide helpful answers to your questions.

3½ Things No One Tells You About Creativity - Adam congdon & connor ellsworth

Over the years, we’ve learned a few things about “being creative”. Actually, since writing this description, we’ve probably learned a few more things. For us, trying to create service elements that keep people engaged is tough. We want to share a few of the things that we’ve learned while riding the creative struggle bus.

How to Measure Up - Scott Bixby & Courtney dyer

What we count, counts. Join us as we look into why measuring the right things for the right reasons can provide an honest picture of where you are and help navigate where you'd like to go. We'll talk about why numbers can be one of our greatest tools when they are tied to the stories of the people behind them.

Leadership Q&A - drew karschner, Pierre du plessis & shawn lovejoy

Come with all of your leadership questions! Drew, Pierre, and Shawn would love to share with you everything that they've learned from their experience and practice.

It Is Not Your Parents Offering Plate - Tom Melzoni

This breakout will offer you practical steps to enhance the generosity culture of your church. Learn what to say before receiving an offering, methods of giving, saying thank you and on ramping new givers. If you are planning to build or have debt learn ways to accelerate giving. All of this is in the context of “Giving Is What God Wants For You Not From You!”