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Outreach & Connections

Breakout Sessions:

Streets to the Seats (and Beyond)

We all long to see people take their next step in their spiritual journey. In this breakout, we'll explore strategies, ideas, and models for turning first-time guests into regular attendees into core leaders.

Beyond Church Walls

We all long to see our churches making an impact in our communities and to the ends of the earth. But the work of investing outside the walls of the church is messy and costly. In this breakout, we’ll explore our biblical mandate and some practical steps to walk towards this mess to share the Gospel with a broken world.

Josh serves as the Outreach Director for Northridge Church. He has three kids at home right now and has been a father to five other children over the last few years through foster care. He longs to build the reputation of the Church and our Savior among non-believers as followers of Jesus invest deeply in the community and around the world.