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Shawn Lovejoy is Founder & CEO of He leads a team of coaches whose passion is coaching leaders and organizations through what keeps them up at night. He loves helping ministries & organizations accomplish all their potential and gain or sustain momentum around the “Gears of Growth”: Culture, Teams, & Systems. Shawn has been a successful real estate developer, a megachurch pastor, and now leads a fast growing coaching and consulting organization. He’s been formerly coaching leaders and consulting with teams for over fifteen years. Shawn has been married for 25 years to his best friend Tricia and they have three half grown kids: Hannah, Madison, & Paul. They all live in Trussville, AL, a suburb of Birmingham.


Breakout Sessions:

Measuring Success

What is success? Will you know it when you see it? Can you lead yourself to the next level? Will you know it when you get there? Success is elusive. Success can also be dangerous. What does it look like to be successful in ministry in the long run? How do we stay sane, centered, and married in the process? In this workshop, we'll discover how to do just that.