16:5 Conference Survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey about your experience with us for 16:5 2019.

How many times have you attended the 16:5 Conference?
What title best describes your role (either staff or volunteer) in your organization?
Overall, how satisfying was your experience at this year's 16:5 Conference?
If you were able to, would you attend another 16:5 Conference?
I would recommend the 16:5 Conference to friends, associates, and church leaders.
Our desire is to serve you well during 16:5. How would you rank our team for their service to you this week?
How helpful did you find Main Session 1? (Drew Karschner's "Creative Church: Engaging People in Our Culture")
How helpful did you find Main Session 2? (Shawn Lovejoy's "Gears of Growth")
How helpful did you find Main Session 3? (Drew Karschner's "Daring Dependence: We Need God")
Would you be interested in purchasing a media pass?